Let the Challenge Begin


Contest Rules:

1) Everyone must weigh-in with me at the WAC for their first weigh-in sometime within March 10th and March 14th. This will designate your starting weight. Each week a weight must be recorded in person at the WAC or a photo sent to me with their weight on the scale.  This weight will be posted on the blog within the week for you to see your competitors progress.  The final weight will be recorded at the WAC with me on the 90th day (Saturday, June 7th) between the hours of 9-10am.

2) Payment to gain access into the challenge will be obtained the first week the competition begins….March 10th-14th. Money will be held safely until the winners are decided at the end of 90 days. If there are any unforseen circumstances that a participant must drop out due to injury or other medical issues, they forfeit their money.

3) Each participant will be associated with a number instead of a name for confidentiality. Each participants number and new weight will appear each week on the blog to see progress of your competitors.

4) The Top 3 Winners will win a money prize from the total pot. Winners will be decided based on the greatest percentage of bodyweight lost in 90 days.


1st Place – 60%
2nd Place – 30%
3rd Place – 10%

5) Everyone is solely responsible for their own actions during this challenge. Therefore, dietary restrictions and/or exercise duration that play a role in deciding the winners are fair game. If Illegal drugs or supplements to aid in weight loss are found to be used by any participant they will be immediately rejected from the competition.

There is money on the line during this competition and I ask everyone to be true to yourself as well as your competitors. Play fair and work hard!

The Journey to a New You…shutterstock_77234152

We all find ourselves having difficulty losing weight and maintaining that newly hard earned weight. The teeter-totter or rollercoaster effect of weight gain and weight loss seems to be a problem for most people. To correct this problem you must find time in your busy lives to be disciplined enough to establish healthy habits and keep them going for ninety continuous days. Psychologists say through research that it takes about three weeks to develop a new habit….that’s 21 continuous days. You are more likely to continue those habits if you can make it that long. That will be your first battle in this 90 day weight loss challenge.

Anyone can work hard in the gym day in and day out and burn many calories in doing so. However, the true test to win this battle is to commit to a healthy diet and to maintain the diet for three months. Which diet you decide to conform to is up to you! Personally, I have completed many diets and find that all diets are similar in that they produce results when you stick to them. Most people say, “that diet didn’t work” or the most common saying, “I’ve tried every diet and nothing worked”. There are other variables at play that cause a diet to malfunction but in most cases it is the lack of discipline for the length the diet must be maintained for. Everyone enjoys variety in their diet but it can be hard to maintain the proper calories and macronutrient ratio to elicit results. Rather than changing what you eat at each meal, choose one meal that you have flexibility of changing. Choose a meal that you have control over and focus on preparing a nice dish that is well balanced. For instance, I like to change my breakfast foods because it is the time of day I have more time to prepare a meal. There are days I will choose to make omelet or a quiche or a frittata or just plain greek yogurt with berries. The rest of my meals throughout the day are usually the same and it doesn’t require thought or work in preparing them.

The most frequent complaint I receive is that people don’t have enough time to make food for themselves and then tend to go out to eat as a result. If I can find time to prepare home cooked meals, so can you! Try preparing meals in advance. Have a plan to make multiple meals at once so they can be eaten for the next 3-4 days. The weekend is a great time to make a bunch of food and store them in either the fridge or freezer to be used in the next few days. Instead of grilling one or two chicken breasts, try grilling four or five and each one each day. Now that you have your protein of choice, decide on what you would like to eat with it. Maybe a bowl of salad with chicken on top or chicken and asparagus or shredded chicken to put in a whole wheat tortilla with some fresh veggies and balsamic vinegar. The choices are endless. Instead of thinking what you can’t eat focus your thoughts on what you can eat and more importantly what you “choose” to eat. Remember that you are in control of your actions. Your choices shape the person you are and ultimately will decide if you win the 90 day challenge.

View the blog each week for updates.

Good luck to all and let the challenge begin…

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