Week 1 – Establishing Baseline Weight & Payment

I just wanted to take some time and thank everyone for the great turnout for the first weight loss competition.  The first weigh-in was with me on a digital scale to get an initial weight.  Thereafter, each participant must weigh-in each Monday morning on a scale of their preference and send me their current weight.  The two ways this can be done is via email or text (for those that have my cell phone number).  If you prefer texting me and you do not have my cell, please send me an email and I will gladly give you my number.  In the email I will need your full name to confirm who the sender is.

Each participant will receive a participant number.  That number is used to allow everyone to remain anonymous when I post current weight each week.  I will send out participant numbers as soon as I receive everyone’s second weigh-in…tomorrow, March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day).  I will be posting the weight change in pounds each week until the end of 30 days.  At the end of 30 days I will post the percent change in bodyweight and list the participants in order from greatest to least percent change.  It is then you will see where you stand among your competitors.

I will be posting to my blog each week with information regarding diet and exercise.  What I post will not give anyone an advantage since everyone in the competition is subscribed to my blog.

You are allowed to comment on anything and everything.  I designed this to be an interactive process so know one is alone during this competition.  For instance, some of you may be interested in collaborating your thoughts on nutrition and what is working and what is not working, or simply inviting people to a group training session where you workout together and share your thoughts.  The information you share is up to you.  This is a competition and money is on the line.  I’m a very competitive person, just as many of you are, and I know that you would want to compete alongside someone challenging you to work your hardest to see losses on the scale.  People that work together have the advantage to someone who works alone.  Collaborate your thoughts and ideas through this blog and see where this 90 day journey will take you.  I encourage this process but the choice is up to you…

Stay tuned for posts this week, work hard, and stay positive….afterall, this is anyone’s game to win!!

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One Response to Week 1 – Establishing Baseline Weight & Payment

  1. Sherry says:

    I find that logging my food has helped me a lot this week become more aware of my portions. I guess I ate more than I thought. Having to write down every handful of nuts ( or M&M’s) really makes u not want to eat it.

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