Weigh-in Day

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to make things clear before this may become an issue for the future.   As of later this morning I only received a handful of weights from participants.  I made the rules very clear that everyone must weigh-in each and every Monday morning and send me their weight.  See my first post: Let the Challenge Begin…

Contest Rules:

1) Everyone must weigh-in with me at the WAC for their first weigh-in sometime within March 10th and March 14th. This will designate your starting weight. Each week a weight must be recorded in person at the WAC or a photo sent to me with their weight on the scale.  This weight will be posted on the blog within the week for you to see your competitors progress.  The final weight will be recorded at the WAC with me on the 90th day (Saturday, June 7th) between the hours of 9-10am.

I trust everyone but I just want to make this fair and also a measurement of progression or regression based on your new weight each week.  This will let every participant know where they stand amongst the others.  This is a small task you have to complete for me every Monday morning.

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that everyone is seeing a difference in weight when they step onto the scale.

Weight measurements can be sent to this address: gundersj16@gmail.com

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