The End is Near…

We have all worked very hard during this 90 Day Challenge and June 7th is creeping up fast.  I wanted to make sure I send this post out well in advance to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to weigh-in at the gym in person.  As stated in the first post, the first and last weigh-in is at the WAC on the digital scale.  Throughout the weeks I have allowed all participants to post their weight each week from a scale of their choice so we can see how we all match up against one another.  The top 3 spots are still up for grabs!!  You can do a lot in two weeks.  Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and eating habits tend to get put on the back burner.  Those of you that stay true to the competition and watch your calories and continue to exercise regularly will leave nothing on the table.  You will have earned your spot and hopefully place in the top 3.

Reminder of what is at stake…


1st Place winner  = $1200

2nd Place winner = $600

3rd Place winner = $200


Last Chance…Weigh-in and Workout

The final day weigh-in will be between the hours of 9-10am on Saturday, June 7th.  If you cannot make it to the gym to weigh-in at that specific window you must contact me to arrange a meeting before that time.  Anyone that does not choose to weigh-in must contact me before the final day.  If you fail to show up you forfeit your chance to weigh-in and not be eligible to win a prize.  The top 3 participants will be notified directly by me and the winners will be announced here on the blog by their first name along with their results.  Prize money distribution will be arranged through me.

If anyone chooses to lose a few extra pounds on June 7th in the morning before weigh-in I will be opening my class (R.I.P.P.E.D) to 14 people.  The class is a $20 drop-in and can be paid via front desk the morning of or before.  Class is in Room 2 near the large gym and runs from 8-9am….right before weigh-in.  If you haven’t come to class before, prepare to sweat and work hard!  Last chance workout will be extra hard!!!

All of you have made great progress in the last few months.  Don’t let it go to waste.  Stay motivated and finish strong 🙂

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One Response to The End is Near…

  1. Florence says:

    Whatever the final results I am so grateful for the challenge. After the first few weeks I was able to see my pattern of gaining and losing and to change the pattern. I am really happy with all that I learned. Good luck to everyone

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