Workout of the Week (WOW)

The workout of the week is meant to challenge you.  You may at one point during the workout think you cannot finish the workout; you may experience difficulty breathing at times due to high exertion levels and a lack of consistent aerobic and anaerobic conditioning; you may sweat profusely and think it’s due to the humidity in the gym; you may actually enjoy the workout and want to continue pushing yourself each week; you may pass out at some point during the workout and awake later to know that you survived.  Whatever the workout is each week I want you to know that this workout will be HARD!

I believe strongly that vigorous intensity and short duration workouts yield greater results than low-moderate intensity and long duration exercise.  I believe in it so much that I want you to experience this concept in person each week…along with me.  Knowing that you can complete one of these workouts will result in a greater appreciation of what the human body is capable of and what you have been missing out on.  The fastest, shortest way to build muscle, improve insulin sensitivity, decrease body fat, and improve your cardiopulmonary system is short duration exercise that is intense in nature.  We will be experiencing an exponential growth in endurance, EPOC levels (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), both muscular strength and endurance, decreased resting heart rate, improvement is resting metabolic rate, etc.  The pros exceedingly outweigh any cons when short duration, high intense exercise is performed throughout the week.

Where do we begin?

Each week I will post a WOW.  You must complete each WOW as described to the best of your athletic ability.  Any modification of any exercise during the WOW must be noted when posting to the blog.  Exercises will be posted by their names only…no pictures.  I do this so you will be forced to look exercises up online or ask me in person.  Memory retention of exercises and their associated names are important.  After all, I cannot always be there to help out.  Do your best at each exercise and stay true to good form.  After completion of the workout please post your first name, age, and results.  These results can be viewed by anyone that is subscribed to the blog in the comments area of the post.  For those that choose to not participate in this challenge feel free to unsubscribe to the blog at the bottom of the post.

I hope all of you are excited to start the WOW!  I know I am and I hope to post a good time each week to challenge all of you to beat it.  Have fun and be competitive with yourself.

Stay tuned for the first workout of the week…

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One Response to Workout of the Week (WOW)

  1. Florence says:

    Very hard. 12 # (tried 15#) for push press and 17.5 # for dumbbell overhead. Very many adaptations for the lateral burpees over barbell. So much so that it didn’t look anything like lateral burpees :(. Felt good accomplishing the challenge

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