WOW Initiation Week #1

Welcome to the first workout of the week (WOW)!

This week the workout is as follows:

2 Rounds of:

500 meter Row (set damper at 5/6)

16x Push Presses – Rx (45M / 20W)

16x Lateral Burpees over a barbell

16x Dumbbell Overhead Swings – Rx (50M / 35W)

How to go about understanding this workout:


Start by setting up the rowing machine at a resistance between 5 and 6 by moving the dial on the right side of the rowing fan to the correct setting.  Next press a button on the computer to turn in on.  Press just row to set the computer.  Start rowing until you reach 500m.














Push Press

Using 2 dumbbells (Rx weight for men is 45 lbs each dumbbell and weight for women is 20 lbs each dumbbell) and starting at shoulder height, you must press the dumbbells overhead until your arms are fully extended.  Lower dumbbells to the shoulders and repeat.  Initiate each press with the driving on the legs.  With the dumbbells resting at shoulder height bend the knees slightly and extend the knees at the same time you are pressing the dumbbells overhead.


Your objective is to complete 16 continuous repetitions using the Rx (prescribed weight).  Rx (45M / 20W) is read…prescribed weight for men is 45 lbs and the prescribed weight for women is 20 lbs.  This weight is optional but this is a goal for many to eventually reach.  Any weight used other than the prescribed weight must be noted when you post your workout results so timing is understood.  This is a modification from the prescribed weight.  Also, in the future, any exercise that is performed other than the one described must be noted when results are posted.  Note that this weight is meant to challenge you.  If you feel you must rest after doing a few repetitions please do so.  You must complete each exercise before continuing onto the next.

Lateral Burpees

collage-778106116Set a barbell or bodybar on the groundLine up parallel to the bar so it is facing your side.  Perform a burpee and instead of jumping vertically, jump laterally over the bar.  If jumping cannot be performed, step laterally over the bar.  As soon as you jump over the bar perform another burpee.  Repeat this process until 16 reps have been completed.

Dumbbell Overhead Swings

0111body_dumbbell_swingStart with your feet shoulder width apart.  Place dumbbell between your legs.  Reach down to grab the dumbbell while keeping your back straight, knees slightly bent, and hips pushed backwards.  Thrust the dumbbell up using your hips to drive the weight, until  it reaches an overhead position.  Return the dumbbell to the starting position without making contact with the ground.  This represents a pendulum movement where the movement is continuous from beginning to end.


Jeremy / 34 yrs / 13:48 final time

Attempt #2 – 8:55

To post your time of completion please go to the bottom of the page and click on comments.  To make a comment…type in your name, then your email address in the next blank, and then type your comment as (name / age in years / final time).  Click post comment.  Times can be read under comments.  As the moderator of this blog all comments must have final approval from me before they are posted in the comments field.

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16 Responses to WOW Initiation Week #1

  1. Jeremy says:

    34 yrs / 13:48 final time

  2. Andrea says:

    13:24 Age 43

  3. Jeremy says:

    Attempt #2 – 8:55

  4. Sherry says:

    47 yrs / 10:17

  5. Lynn says:

    60 yrs / 14:11
    Modifications included: 10 lb dumbbells for push press & 20 lb dumbbell for dumbbell swing

  6. Joanna says:

    F, 39 – 16:17 with mod to #2 (17.5 lb instead of 20)

  7. Nick says:

    31 years/ 12:46 final time

  8. Heather says:

    30 years/ 11:31 final time.
    Mod: 2:00 run instead of row (equivalent time to my best 500M ran at fast speed for me)

  9. Lea says:

    46 / 10:05 (hating burpees even more)

  10. Cheryl says:

    Cheryl 57 – 14 min. Row at 6 – push at 20 & swing at 35. A trainer at Kohls WAC told me he liked my workout. I told him my trainer gave it to his clients. He proceeded to ask if my trainer was Jeremy. Brian says “hi”

  11. charrell74 says:

    Chris 39 – 14:55 push 30lb and swing 50lb. Laid on the floor afterward, someone asked if I was still alive. Well, here I am.

  12. Sara says:

    31 years/15:15 Rowing machine is on 2nd fl at my gym so I did some stairs and I set it at the highest level which is 10. Burpees with a bosu:)

  13. ktcar says:

    10:24. Gawd awful. Good one for later: add a few more rounds and go for rounds, not time?

    • gundersj16 says:

      I find that people work harder when you have to complete a number of rounds in time rather than having say 15 minutes to complete the 2 rounds of exercises. If you have to complete the rounds in certain time people usually pace themselves more. This leads to less effort during the workout. My emphasis during the WOW workouts are to have people work their hardest rather than to pace themselves and say they completed it.

  14. Sara says:

    14:20 for my second attempt – I’m already sore!

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