Workout of the Week #9

I will be taking a break on the WOW workouts to prep up for the next challenge. Therefore, this week will be the last workout until the challenge begins in September. I will be developing an entirely new blog devoted to nutrition and workouts that will correspond with fat loss. I will begin taking names for those that wish to compete in the next challenge. Until September….here is the final WOW:

10 Rounds of:

10x burpees
10x squats
10x push-ups
10x sit-ups

All exercises are using only your bodyweight. This is a great example on how to design a workout that can be completed at home without the use of equipment. Enjoy the last workout of the week and post your best time possible!

Thank you to all that put forth the effort each week in the WOW challenge 🙂

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3 Responses to Workout of the Week #9

  1. Sara says:

    Push up on knees
    Sit up with feet anchored under futon

  2. Cheryl says:

    25 min
    Knee push ups

  3. Jennifer says:

    43/22:20 knee pushups

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